We believe that our human development is determined by the spiritual and moral values ​​that should be guided by the word of God, being a reflection of His love in everything we do. The responsibility of a better society begins with the family; and thus be better managers, create better society  and increase professional levels.

We make our mission sustainable  through linking our international community. Teaching Spanish, and providing bilingual services at our Bilingual Cultural Center. 
We are Located at 800 East Main St. Suite C
Opening doors very soon. 

To reflect and testimony about God's love through our services. Bring to our community a space where children and adults learn about how important is to be  bilingual from an early age. To provide access to different bilingual services that promote the social integration.  To spread knowledge and foster Colombian cultural diversity  through the artisans exhibitions and culinary fairs.

To be recognized as an organization that honors God through our services. Becoming and staying leaders through bilingual community activities. To be  innovative in activities that involve and encourage family integration and participation. To promote Colombian cultural heritage in Montgomery County by increasing social participation in the local and international community.                      


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